Bark River White Compound & DLT Leather Strop

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23 thoughts on “Bark River White Compound & DLT Leather Strop

  1. metzgeri

    Although I’m new to stropping, and constantly learning, I find your video very informative and a pleasure to watch. Great English by the way, I only wish my Japanese was anywhere near as good. Keep up the great videos.

  2. virtuovice

    Bark River says Black is coarse, Green is medium, and White is fine. I used to use the Green after the Black. But I didn’t feel the Green did anything better after the Black. So I switched the Green to the White to finish up the edge. Then the edge got twice as sharp. Any of my strops have no difference of the nap texture between each side. Thanks.

  3. TheRedRider100

    Wako-san which is more abraisive green or white? also what colour was put on the more abraisive side and what colour was pt on the less abraisive side?

  4. virtuovice

    I highly recommend you water stone sharpening. Cheap stones won’t give you satisfaction at all since they don’t containg efficient abrasives. Chosera stones comprise artificial gem stones and cut much faster than cheap stones. Chosera’s high speed is absolutely necessary for real sharpening to get the keenest edge in an acceptalbe period of time. Nagura stone makes slurry to meke the sharpening feel better. I don’t feel Nagura abrasives sharpen the edge since Chosera itself cuts extremely fast.

  5. beakie74

    hi wako,
    great video, tell me do you recommend using japanese water stones ?
    and is barkriver white compound the same as a nagura stone ?

  6. tskfrcdgr

    very nice video. thanks for sharing so much information. あなたと別れに感謝します。

  7. jackruss4

    Thank you for your response to me by YouTube email.
    I would like to send you another brand new paste white compound that seems to be as excellent as anything I have ever used.
    Please let me know some contact information, as to sample this new compound.

  8. jackruss4

    Was wondering why bark river is a better white compound than other brands. Is it the concentration of oxide or the type of oxide. Please explain. Thank you.

  9. virtuovice

    Bark River Bravo1 and Gunny have a gimped ramp on the spine just above the border of the handle and the blade. It is much annoying for stretching our thumb onto the spine in strong push cutting. Many dealers in the US send the ramped knives to BRKT and after the ramp is removed they ship the rampless knives to us depending on our demand. In many cases this service will be free of charge. But in some cases $20 will be charged. Thanks.

  10. normrubio

    What exactly is the ramp removal modification? I really love your vids showing microscopic views on the effects of compounds. Thank you very much

  11. virtuovice

    Bark River Rampless Gunny knife in A2 tool steel. The dealers take the ramp removal modification for around $20.

  12. paulie4x1

    Hi Virt, on some other videos people knocked you down, I think their just jealous, I learn so much from you, that I wish you were my neighbor, I will try the white compound on my 52100 Austemper John Bradley camp knife and then I will tell you, John’s knife is a price of art, with what I think is the best steel material considering the Austempered made. talk to you soon.

  13. virtuovice

    No. The removed metal is huge during the initial edge reprofiling from the factory angle to my own angle. My water stone sharpening will be much more aggressive than you assume. Thanks.

  14. Hank Chinaski

    Curious, when sharpening do you count the strokes you do on each side of the blade to ensure an even removal of material?

  15. virtuovice

    Heat makes applying compounds easier. The smooth side leather of KSF strop doesn’t take black or white compound without heat. But the rough side leather of DLT strop takes all compounds very well without heat. If heated, the compound layer will go too thich on the DLT strop. Thanks.

  16. JSKnife

    Hello, I have recently discovered your videos and I am enjoying them immensely. Thank you for your time and effort. I am very new to knife sharpening and care. I received my Bark River compounds yesterday for strops I have made. I read the instructions for applying the compounds and they talk about heating the compounds and the leather with a flame. But you are simply rubbing it on. What are your thoughts regarding this?

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